Enduring Trials

“The road is rough,” I said,

“Dear Lord, there are stones that hurt me so.”

And He said, “Dear child, I understand,

I walked it long ago.”

“But there is a cool green path,” I said.

“Let me walk there for a time.”

“No child,” He gently answered me,

The green road does not climb.”

“My burden,” I said, “is far too great,

How can I bare it so?”

“My child,” said He, “I remember its weight,

I carried my cross, you know.”

“But,” I said, “I wish there were friends with me

Who would make my way their own.”

“Ah, yes,” He said, “Gethsemane

Was hard to face alone.”

And so I climbed the stony path,

Content at last to know

That where my Master had not gone,

I would not need to go.

And strangely then I found new friends,

The burden grew less sore,

As I remembered long ago,

He went that way before.

–Leona B. Gates

We live in a world where we must endure trials, but we must realize that we grow from the many experiences we have in life. Eugene Hansen said, “I heard my father remark on more than one occasion, ‘I don’t mind being educated in the school of hard knocks—it’s the refresher courses I keep getting that are the trial.’” (W. Eugene Hansen, “Children and the Family”, Ensign, May 1998, 58)

For those of you who have trials in your life and feel discouraged, here is an article to help uplift you. Click on “Enduring Trials” link via: Enduring Trials


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