The Highwayman of Cordovia Book Review (The Rebel Series Book 2) by Linda Weaver Clarke

In The Rebels of Cordovia, the first book in The Rebels Series by Linda Weaver Clarke, we met Robin and Daniel. If you fell in love with them, wait until you read the second book The Highwayman of Cordovia. Here you meet Christine and Austin !!

Christine is Robin’s friend who works at the bakery and was once one on Robin’s Rebels. Austin Knight fell in love with Christine when they were teenagers and he stole a kiss from her !! Unfortunately he moved away. However he re-enters Christine’s life and falls head over heels for her all over again….but he has to watch his steps, she’s the pastor’s daughter.

Christine is very vocal in her opinion regarding the government and gets the attention of Amalick. Amalick is scheming to cause a war and take control of Cordovia from the High Leader. Christine is causing trouble for Amalick and he puts out a reward for her capture.

Austin is pulled into different directions…..protecting the one he loves while hiding secrets from her. Will Christine, the pastor’s daughter, understand his secrets ? Will he lose her forever when she finds out the truth ? Will the pastor give his blessing ?

I LOVE this series. It is sure a treat to read. Going back in time when life was less complicated and things were easier. Even when faced with a crisis, it is handled so much easier than it would be in today’s world.

Fall in love with Christine and Austin as well as everyone else in Cordovia. I guarantee you won’t want to leave. Review by Missi S.

Source: The Highwayman of Cordovia (The Rebel Series Book 2) by Linda Weaver Clarke



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