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Four Mystery/Adventure Novels


“One thing I admire about Linda Weaver Clarke’s writing is that she desires to put the reader right there with her characters by describing the setting so well that you are swept away. From page one Linda eloquently describes in interesting details the surroundings and the feelings of her characters. I love when I begin reading a book and am taken in! The relationships and the communication between the characters is top notch.” –Melanie Ski, Jubilee Reviews

AnasaziWebBook: Anasazi Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans

Review: This is the first book I’ve read by Linda Weaver Clarke and I’m already hooked. The first pages grab you right in and grab at your heartstrings as you read about the destruction caused by the flood. When Julia and John fight for their lives, readers will be on the edge of their seats for this one. There’s also romance in the mix. John and Julia’s marriage is strong and they are quite supportive of each other. Even when they have their ups and downs, it’s not for long and they get right back into each other’s arms. It’s nice to see a relationship portrayed this way. Very realistic and believable. This series is a “must read” for me. And…my Socrates Great Book Alert Award! –Socrates Book Review

Sample Chapter: http://www.lindaweaverclarke.com/anasazi.html
MayanWebBook: Mayan Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans

Review: What starts out as a romantic trip quickly turns into a dangerous adventure among the Mayan ruins and jungles, and the vacationers are on the run from thieves–and wild animals! Excitement prevails! This book is full of mystery and suspense. Linda’s writing is lively and down-to-earth; she has the ability to make you feel as if you’re in these stories, along with John and Julia, trying to decipher the truth and escape from harm. –Suko’s Notebook
Sample Chapter: http://www.lindaweaverclarke.com/mayan.html
MontezumaWebBook: Montezuma Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans

Review: I am charmed by her new book, Montezuma Intrigue. The mysteries continue as this author entrances us with life-like characters and electrifying adventures. The search for Montezuma’s treasure is both exciting and memorable. There are also a few romances, and some surprises as well, which kept my reading pleasurable and lively. I enjoyed the adventure and suspense in her latest novel, which kept me reading well into the night. –Suko’s Notebook

Sample Chapter: http://www.lindaweaverclarke.com/montezuma.html
DesertWebBook: Desert Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans

Review: Romance, Mystery, and Regional History Collaborate to Create a Satisfying, Intriguing Story! It was difficult to put this one down. I cared about the characters, I cared about their ranch, and I was brainstorming right along with this delightful family, figuring out how to either remove the curse or solve the mystery that threatened to destroy their way of life. There are children flirting with romance, relational complexities, and a wedding in the works that just won’t seem to come together. The writing is clear and lively, never calling attention to itself or getting in the way of the story. The touches of humor and inclusion of regional history tie it all together to make a satisfying story all the more fascinating. Highly recommended! –Steve Miller, Author

Sample Chapter: http://www.lindaweaverclarke.com/desert.html

The first three books may be purchased for only $12.00 from my website, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Desert Intrigue is $14.95. Visit my website at Make Believe! They are also available as an e-book.


Welcome to the World of Make Believe

Many times our every day lives can overwhelm us and we desperately need a break. Being a wife, homemaker, and mother can be a challenge and some days we feel discouraged. That’s the time when we would like to enter the world of Make-Believe. Perhaps after we do the dishes, change a diaper, and put our children down for a nap, we may have a couple hours to read a novel and slip into that make-believe world; a world of escape when our frustrations are high and we desperately need a break and a place to relax so we can be ready for the next go-around with our children.

In that little corner is a world that can fill us with wonder, where dreams can come true, where we can go on an intriguing adventure, or we can even fall in love all over again…reminding us of the first time we fell in love with our husbands. Lucy Montgomery said, “While solitude with dreams is glorious, solitude without them has few charms.” Jerome Kern expressed it differently. He wrote, “The game of just supposing is the sweetest game I know. Our dreams are more romantic than the world we see.”

Perhaps the world we see is full of dirty dishes, soiled diapers, teenagers arguing over an item that was recently borrowed, and busy husbands that forget to give us a kiss before they walk out the door. This can make a homemaker feel discouraged. Times like this are when we would like to enter the World of Make-Believe.

How many times have you wished to go on an adventure in the jungles of South America, follow Harry Potter into a magical world, or to fall in love all over again? We need to be reminded of that romantic love. Novels are a “god-send” and can give us that extra little “umph” that we need. They can also teach us and remind us where our priorities should be, reminding us to not take our relationships for granted.

My husband and I share the household duties because he knows that his help gives me more time to do the things I would like to do. Once my husband walked into the living room and collapsed on the sofa. His eyes looked weary and his body was tired. When I greeted him, I was tired as well. I had had a long day with the kids, I was pregnant, and the children had not been complete angels. But something happened between us that made me realize what kind of relationship we really had.

Our relatives were visiting when my husband wearily said, “Would you mind unlacing my shoelaces? I’m too tired to bend over.”

I didn’t mind, so I carefully sat on the floor and adjusted my protruding belly, and then undid his shoelaces. One of the relatives scoffed and said, “He can undo his own shoelaces. Don’t you know about Women’s Liberation? We’re liberated from such demeaning tasks as this.”

I just smiled patiently and said, “I do for him what he would do for me.” We give and take in our marriage. He cooks when I’m tired and I undo his shoelaces when he’s tired. I believe relationships are founded on compromise and love.

Many times we can forget our priorities in life. In fact, some novels can help us remember our priorities when we are so dogged tired, wondering if we were destined to change diapers and clean house for the rest of our lives.

MWW webIn my novel, “Melinda and the Wild West,” we can imagine how it feels when Gilbert gazes warmly at Melinda, admiring her integrity and studying her face, as if memorizing every contour of it. We can imagine how it feels when he impulsively lifts her chin and presses his warm lips to hers, making her heart swell within. When Gilbert cradles Melinda in his arms and gazes into her eyes with adoring love, think of the adoring love you have for the man you married and how your love is greater now than the first day of your marriage. Then all your frustrations leave as you sigh and close the novel, just waiting to pick it up when you have time the following day.

Just remember that “if the things we dream about don’t happen to be so, that’s just an unimportant technicality.” (Jerome Kern) The happy ending in the novels you read can happen if you only let it. Life is worth living and will become what we make of it. Just remember to pick up a novel and take some time for yourself and “Make-Believe.”